How the Experts Buy Cat’s Toys

Every cat needs to have a set of toys. Cats and kittens are very inventive and have been known to entertain themselves with items found around home. There are many types of More »

Cat and Kitten Grooming

Cat and kitten grooming can be fun for you – and essential to help your cat or kitten maintain good health. Here are some easy techniques to help keep your kitty in More »

How to Groom Your Cat

If you want to stop your cat shedding hairs than try doing these 5 things. Tips for cat grooming: 1. Brush your Cats Hair every day! This must be done, in order More »

What You Should Know About Cat Care

Most cats are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves. However, you will still need to perform certain tasks in order for your kitty to enjoy good health and hygiene. Proper cat care and More »

Cat Health and Grooming

Cat health and grooming are related to one another. Grooming plays very effective role as far as hygiene of the cat is concerned. The cat with poor hygiene will be highly susceptible More »

Cat and Kitten Grooming

Cat and kitten grooming can be fun for you – and essential to help your cat or kitten maintain good health. Here are some easy techniques to help keep your kitty in tip-top shape.

Dental Health

o Sniff your cat’s breath – foul breath can indicate tummy problems or gum disease, which need vet treatment.
o Gently lift your cat’s lips and look at the gums – healthy gums are generally firm and pinkish, with clean teeth without brown staining
o Gum swellings and/or red or white colours can be due to gum problems
o Brownish or caked teeth indicate dental problems
o Also look out for dark red lines at the gum lines, or red, swollen gums; gum or tongue ulcers; pus; loose teeth; problems chewing; a lot of drooling or pawing at the mouth area.

All of these signs show the vet needs to examine your cat or kitten. Many people don’t know that gum swelling can sometimes happen during more serious illness. In any case, of itself it can lead to painful dental disease.

Cleaning a kitten or cat’s teeth

o Prevent

It’s Bathing Cats and Dogs

People, when they think about starting their own pet based business instantly think about opening a dog boutique. This however, means that only half of the pet owning populations is getting a service provided to them. What about the cat owners of the world, while there is not as many grooming options available to cats, they still need their day to be pampered and bathed.

Opening a boutique that deals with both cats, and dogs, would quickly set you apart from all your competition. Even if you only saw cats that had been declawed, you are still opening your business up to an entirely new pet owner population. Since there are probably no other dual pet boutiques around it is going to be hard to snoop for prices. As a general of thumb, charge a little more for the care of a cat than you would a dog. For the main reason that cats are a little more dangerous to deal with, than most dog. Bathing for example is going to be a harder task where the cat is involved.

If you want to have your own business, making yourself independent

Shopping Tips For Cat’s Pet

Pet Doors For Cats Shopping Tips

There are several important points that you need to take note while shopping for a pet cat door for your beloved cat. This is to ensure that the door purchased is suitable for your cat and your home.

The Pet Door Size

The size of the animal door has to be a suitable size for your cat. If your kitten is still young, you have to check the size of your full grown pet cat. This is to allow your pet cat to move freely without any blockage in the future when it is an adult cat.

If you plan to have additional pets in the future and you have a desired breed in mind, check the body size and ensure that they are able to pass through the door too.

Installation Costs

The installation for your new pet doors for cat should be easy and straightforward. And if possible, ensure that it is easy to install to avoid incurring additional costs.

And checked that as easy it is to install the door, make sure that removing

How the Experts Buy Cat’s Toys

Every cat needs to have a set of toys. Cats and kittens are very inventive and have been known to entertain themselves with items found around home. There are many types of pet toys available, so you are guaranteed to find several that your cat will love. Depending on your budget, you can buy mechanical or battery operated toy mice or birds, or simple low cost toys like a catnip mouse.

Before you buy any toy, be sure that it is safe for your cat. Examine all toys before you bring them home, and make sure that they do not have any small pieces that could fall off or be clawed off or chewed off, because they could become a choking hazard. Avoid toys with small parts like bells, glued on plastic eyes, pompons, small foam balls (your cat can chew off foam and swallow it), marbles, feathers, or anything small enough to go down your cat’s throat. Never let him play in or around plastic bag, it is not a toy. The bag’s handles could slip over your cat’s head or wrap around his throat, and he could suffocate. Safe choices include ping pond balls, small

How to Groom Your Cat

If you want to stop your cat shedding hairs than try doing these 5 things.

Tips for cat grooming:

1. Brush your Cats Hair every day!

This must be done, in order to keep your cat well groomed and to collect any loose cat hairs. Brushing a cats hair is really the only way to get rid of dead hairs and loose hairs that would fall onto your clothes, furniture and floor otherwise.

2. “Mop” Your Cat’s Coat.

This means you take a wet cloth or wipe and so to say “mop” your cat’s fur.

Because of the wet cloth, a lot of your cats hairs will get stuck to the cloth and not shed onto your floor.

Remember to rinse the cloth out thoroughly before using again on your cat. Do this as many times as necessary until the hairs on the cloth become less.

3. Clean your Cat From the Inside out!

Often, what our pets eat has a big effect on how their health, coat and skin ends up looking.

If you want your cat to be a healthy cat, with soft furr that doesn’t

What You Should Know About Cat Care

Most cats are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves. However, you will still need to perform certain tasks in order for your kitty to enjoy good health and hygiene. Proper cat care and grooming is essential in order to avoid fleas and ticks making their home on your cat. It is also advised to inspect for any skin problems, injuries, or bald spots at this time. Here is some advice on keeping your cat looking its best.

You need to purchase proper cat care and grooming tools in order to make your job a lot easier and more effective. You will need a brush and comb set, scissors and a cat glove. Make sure that all of these products are specifically designed for the care of your cat.

Keeping the hair washed and neat is one way to keep your cat looking good. The best way to achieve the desired results is to comb and trim the hair on a regular basis. Utilize a brush with a number of tiny pins for tidying up your cat’s coat. For easier brushing, make sure the head is comparatively small. Brushing your cat in the direction of hair growth is

Cat Health and Grooming

Cat health and grooming are related to one another. Grooming plays very effective role as far as hygiene of the cat is concerned. The cat with poor hygiene will be highly susceptible for various health problems. The cats that are kept well groomed can be maintained at their best health.

The grooming of the cat must done vet regularly. Grooming once in a day, preferably first thing in the morning is best. This way both the cat and the owner or the pet care taker will be used to it. Regular grooming is very essential if the cat is found to possess longhair. The grooming helps in prevention of hairballs, tangled hair etc. these tangles in the hair can be a source of infection if contaminated with pathogens. This way the cat health is assured by proper grooming.

The toe nails of the cat need to be trimmed regularly. This will help the cat walk with ease. The scratching of the body of the cat by the nail can pave way for infection. Hence cat health is protected by grooming. Let the trimming the toenail start early in life of the cat so that the cats

What Are the Differences Between Cat and Dog

Chalk and cheese… Mars and Venus… cats and dogs.

Even though these furry friends share similar features – four paws and a tail – they are worlds apart when it comes to behaviour.

A fluffy, feline house guest should never be entertained lightly. Forget the Scouts. ‘Be prepared’ is the motto you’ll need to tattoo on your brain as soon as the one of these hairy heavies comes within five paws of your home.

Life will change… and although you wouldn’t usually allow anyone to beat up your other pets, scratch your sofa to bits or leave bird kill round the house, you’ll let the cat get away with it. You don’t have much choice! After all, she’s her own boss and won’t answer to anything that doesn’t come out of a tin. She’s ‘top dog,’ as far as she is concerned.

A pooch, on the other hand, is an ‘eager to please’ family member – with simple needs and uncomplicated lifestyle. Even though he’ll chew a cushion or toilet roll for fun, he can be trained to respect the house. He likes to obey – and will do anything for a biscuit!

Contemplate Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Dog and cat care involves quite a few differences. Many superficial things will be similar, of course, like regular feeding, vaccinations, and the responsibility for certain elements of grooming, like keeping the animal’s claws clipped. But other differences in the care given to cats and dogs can be immense. The psychology of each species is completely distinct, and their way of viewing the world, and especially how they interact with humans, has a completely different basis.

The owner of a cat may be used to certain types of cat behavior and attitudes, which they’ll never see in a dog. A cat gives affection and loyalty, but is also an animal that values its independence. It allows interaction from its owner on its own terms. Dogs and cats differ in this, because he regards its owner and the extended family as its pack. It needs companionship and will lavish affection on its pack, and may suffer abandonment issues if left alone for too long. A pet owner accustomed to the independence of a cat may feel overwhelmed by the dependence of a dog.

The playing styles of cats and dogs are also significantly different. He will want

Tips on Cat Care and Grooming

If you are a good owner and a pet lover, you have the knowledge that you have to take care of our cats. Cat care not only includes feeding the right kind and amount of food but also grooming the cat. This not only benefits for the welfare of the cat but also for your own good as well. If you will notice, cats lick their own fur to clean it up and to promote blood circulation in their body. However, this is not enough to keep the cat groomed. You have the responsibility to take care of your cat and provide good grooming to it.

If your cat is not used to grooming then you better persist on doing it slowly every day. This will create a routine that the cat can follow and thus promote cat grooming in your pet. With your persistence and determination, you will be able to free yourself, any family members and visitors from any diseases that can be related to poor grooming of pets. Moreover, it can also promote beautiful growth of fur in your cats and eventually promote pet and owner bonding.

If you have a cat and

Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

I have had the privilege of having both a cat and a dog as pets in my household. I believe from this experience that, cats make better pets than dogs. Cats are disliked by many people and I believe it’s because they are so misunderstood. Dogs have a few benefits but they take way more work to care for than cats. Truthfully, I think it depends on which type of owner you are or want to be.

The first reason cats are better pets than dogs is that dogs require more work from the very beginning as puppies. Puppies have to be trained and this can take a long time to accomplish. Puppies will go to the bathroom anywhere they feel like going until you train them. My puppy spent much of his puppy years on the back porch because it took him a long time to understand not to go to the bathroom everywhere around the house. My cat however, did not have to be trained. When she was just a little kitten, it was automatic that she went in the litter box. I was amazed at how she instinctively knew to use the litter box.

Dogs Vs Cats As Pets

A Pet Dog or Cat, Which Is For Me? Learn The Positives and Negatives.

Pet dogs or pet cats, both of these animals are popular pet choices available for us to choose from, but which pet is right for you? Cats and dogs are pretty much polar opposites of each other, from the personalities they carry, to the mannerisms they outwardly display, and if you want to identify what pet is right for you, then we need to learn more information about these amazing animals.

I’ve lived with dogs and cats for a long time, helping to raise them from a young age and eventually into full grown adults, so I understand the pros and cons each one of them holds. For your benefit, I’m going to list those positives and negatives from my personal experience, which will hopefully allow you to answer the question: “Is a dog or cat the right pet for me?”

Behavior – How Loving Are These Two?

Pros for Dogs: Dogs always appear to be happy, no matter what the circumstance. As long as you bought a puppy at a young age and gave them plenty of love as they

Everlasting Pets Of The Pharaohs

Animals have been part of the Egyptian household and when they died, they looked after their pets as well. Instead of dumping them in a ditch, they also believed the pets would experience the after life. For this, they needed their bodies just like the Pharaoh. They were mummified and laid to rest with the Queen or King.

Mummified Cats

Animal mummies discovered in Egypt hold intriguing clues to life and death in ancient Egypt. Then in 1888 and Egyptian farmer discovered a mass grave. It was soon apparent that there were not humans in the grave but mummified cats. Near the Village of Istabl Antar, mummified cats were discovered in staggering numbers. Thousand of them.


These mummies of the cats were mostly turned into fertilizer, a few were sold to tourists and the remainder of the treasure found its way to the Cairo museum. Today this animal collection is one of the most popular exhibits in the treasure-filled museum. The fact that we know the Pharaohs had pets make them human while scientist can study these animals, x-ray them and take precise measurement.

Other animals

In the Cairo museum, you

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is one pet fountain that offers a lot of options for your cat. There are multiple levels of water for your cat to choose from, as well as a ramp with flowing water, which gives your cat the movement he craves. The isolated pump is ultra quiet, and the water is filtered with a replaceable carbon-polymer filter. No other cat fountain offers this variety of multi level options for drinking.

The constantly moving water ensures a high level of oxygenation, helping your cat stay healthy with an always available supply of cool, moving water. The ramp not only gives another look to the water your cat sees, but it also reduces splashing as the water travels from one level to another. The bowls are dishwasher safe and the capacity of the Cat Mate is 2 litres, or 70 ounces.

The base of this unit is 10″ long and 8″ wide. The top bowl is at a height of 6 3/4″, the middle bowl is at 5 1/2″, and the lower bowl is 2 1/2″ off the floor.

The people who have actually purchased this fountain report in at an unusually

Yes, Cats Adore Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is something that at vast number of pet owners feel is not all that worthwhile. However, if you have a longhaired cat, doing it for them would be like you spending a day at a Health Spa. So, it is worthwhile for cats, especially long-haired cats who love to have their skin massaged underneath all that fur so think about pampering them occasionally.

In some ways as you sit there with your cat on your lap and you stroke it you are providing them with a mild form of pet grooming and there is nothing like hearing a contented cat purring away. Cats are always grooming themselves but there is one spot on them they cannot reach and that is right on the neck, so any pampering and help you can give them on that spot is very much appreciated. If you have more than one cat at home, even if they do not get on with one another 100% of the time, you will on occasions see them grooming one another especially at that particular spot.

A tip for when you do groom a longhaired cat is to use Talcum powder as that

Why Cats As Pets Are Wonderful

Cats as pets need to be trained regardless of how independent as they may seem. You do not want to find urine on your sofa or your furniture scratched up. Dogs are exactly the same because if you do not instruct how to behave they can cause so much havoc in the home. It is a simple fact that felines need fewer instructions than other animals because they act in accordance to their instinct. This fact means that you do not really teach them to use their litterbox but you make their litter box more appealing to them and they will use it naturally. This also goes for them scratching furniture and the reason why they do this is because it is strong and sturdy and they need to sharpen their claws as part of their exercise.

If you were to get a dedicated post for them which is sturdy then the chances they will use it is high. Also if you were to spray a smell which they find unpleasant such as lemon freshener they will avoid this area. In other words your furry friend is already pre-programmed to do certain things therefore if you understand

Installing a Cat Flap Pet Door

If you have a pet cat you may decide that you want them to be able to come and go outside as they please. There are a few reasons owners decide to do this, mainly to give the cat the chance to get some air and enjoy the outside but also because they can go to the bathroom outside and then the owner does not have to worry about cleaning a kitty litter box.

No matter what the reason if you have decided you want your cat to be an outdoor cat it will be much to your benefit to install a cat flap pet door. A cat flap will ensure that your cat can come and go as they please without you having to worry about constantly having to open the door for them. A lot of owners just wonder how they can install a cat flap in their own home.


You do not have to call a professional to install the cat flap if you would rather save yourself some money and just do it on your own. Of course first you will want to take some measurements to have an idea

the Proper Cat and Pet Healthcare

Cat and pet healthcare is an important responsibility for all pet and cat owners. Whether you own a fish or a horse, you should always make sure that your pet is getting the care that is deserves. There are many ways that you can get your pet the care that it needs.

Take Your Cat to the Vet

As with any animal, it is always important that you take your cat or pet to the vet for regular check ups. The vet will make sure that your cat or pet is healthy, and if they are sick chances are that your vet will know what kind of treatment your cat needs. All animals need to visit the vet for regular check ups. If you are not able to provide these vet visits for your pet or cat, then you may need to look for then a new home that can.

Your Local Library Has Books on Cat and Pet Healthcare

You can always go to your local public library to check out books on giving your cat or pet the proper care that it needs. The library is usually stocked with many different books

Finding a Cat Bed Pet Owners

Finding cat bed pet owners like is often difficult, as they have to decide between comfort, convenience, and style. There are as many styles to choose from as there are purchasing locations. When looking for a beds, pet owners can search and purchase online or in their local pet stores. Even these you can divide into two options: high end pet furniture stores and discount pet warehouses.

When searching for a place where your cat can sleep, pet owners need to first examine a few obstacles. For example, does your cat prefer to sleep on the furniture or do they like a safe enclosed space. You also need to decide if this product will be used away from home as well. Yet another factor with bed pet owners have to face is the style and décor of the bed. You have to find a bed that your cat will enjoy sleeping in but doesn’t create an eye sore in your home. You and your pet will both have to live with the choices you make.

Instead of opting for the traditional ones, pet owners sometimes choice a throw for their furniture. If your cat likes to

Cats With Grooming, Food and Natural Herbal Supplements

If you own a cat and have walked bleary-eyed into a dark room to step in a squishy cold mess with your bare or socked feet, you are familiar with the problem of furballs (hairballs). Well, if it’s that bad for you, imagine what it’s like spitting one of those things back up!

A cat’s hair is indigestible, but that won’t stop your pretty kitty from grooming daily as she does, swallowing large amounts of her own fur. There are a few things we can do to help kitty to not endure such humiliation, however, starting with good grooming habits – not hers, yours. To decrease the amount of fur your kitty is consuming, give her a good daily brushing! Some cats are not keen on being brushed with hard objects, and you may fare better to just get in there with your hands to pull loose hairs off while you prepare her for the BRUSH. If you’d like to treat your kitty to a healthy groom when she doesn’t favor your new tools, you have to give her time to get used to and accept them. Leave them near her favorite places so she can explore